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Category : Web Design
Client :Professional Fitness Website, Brisbane Australia
Completion :February 2023
Service provided : Web design, UI, UX
Link : www.professionalmentalfitness.com


Professional Mental Fitness is an Australian based company, professionally guide and support client. Challenges everyone to discover sustainable strategies that will allows to enjoy lifelong personal effective mental fitness.

Project Summary

Professional mental fitness

Techiesavy has worked closely with a mental health professional to create a mental fitness website that provided users with access to mental health resources and services online. Techiesavy started by conducting user research to identify user needs and pain points. Based on the insights gathered, Techiesavy designed a website that was easy to navigate, with a clear focus on user experience. Also, made it easy for users to book professional mental health services online through Calendly and payment integration with Stripe, with clear calls to action throughout the website.

To ensure the website was accessible and easy to use for all users, Techiesavy optimized the website for mobile devices. Also, created a visual identity for the website, including a logo, color scheme, and typography. The visual identity was designed to be professional and approachable, and was used across all marketing materials to create a consistent brand experience. Provided ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the website continued to meet user needs and stay up-to-date with best practices in UX design. Techiesavy, was proud to have worked on a project that helped to improve the mental fitness and wellbeing of users.

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