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Category : Web Design
Client :Axioma World based in Zurich, Switzerland
Completion :August 2022
Service provided : Web design, Multilingual website
Link : www.dtoxx.me

About dtoxx.me

A Switzerland based website that guides individual who wanted to be fit and healthy. dToxx.me is especially for you if you are absolutely DETERMINED, FOCUSED, AMBITIOUS, OPEN MINDED, if you want to start sooner than later, if you like fast results and simple solutions, if you can let go  of old beliefs and can accept guidance!

Project Summary

A multilingual website for English and German language audience.

As the lead web designer for a fitness detox company, Techiesavy was responsible for creating a website that showcased their detox and fitness programs and encouraged potential customers to sign up. To achieve this goal, I developed a design strategy that emphasized the benefits of detox and fitness and created a clean, fresh, and energetic look. I used high-quality images of people doing detox and fitness activities.

During the design phase, Techiesavy created a user-friendly layout with clear and intuitive navigation and prominent calls-to-action for signing up for a combined detox and fitness program. The final website was visually appealing, engaging, and accessible on mobile devices, which helped the fitness detox company attract new customers and build their brand.